Sainsbury vs Independent Traders on Mill Road

Tug of War on the 23rd July 2011

No Sainsbury campaigners were out on Mill Road at the weekend. Most of the independent traders and over 4,000 local residents have signed petitions against plans by Sainsbury to take over Mickey Flynn’s pool hall. Mill Road Society organised a stall on Saturday with food donated by local traders and a tug of war between a “Sainsbury” team, dressed in orange bibs and an ‘Independent” team. The “independents” won and received the “Keep it Local” trophy. Captain of the runner up Sainsbury Team promised to leave Mill Road in response to requests to “Please leave Quietly”.

Sainsbury have applied for change of use planning permission at 103 Mill Road. Information was available on the stall for the public to learn how to object to this application. Campaigners believe that this application proposes a store that is not of appropriate scale and nature and in a position that is an accident black-spot. The pool hall is the only leisure facility in Mill Road and is well used. Objections must be sent to the council before the 29th July.

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